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Zeca Polina is a brazilian singer, composer, arranger, multi instrumentalist and a very curious man.

Zeca has worked in many musical groups in Brazil, having also performed in Mexico, England and the United States. He has been part of the bands Porta Pantográfica, Paquiderme Escarlate, Susie Kill, Trio da Montanha and A Turma Toda. Among the musical styles which he has explored are rock’n roll, forró, samba and others. As a producer, he released the álbum “Lena” (2014), by the Brazilian samba singer Marilena Torres.

His self-titled album, which marks the debut of his solo career, proposes unlabeled aesthetics. Just as the water that comes straight from its source or the fruit that falls straight from the tree, Zeca refrains from attaching any labels to his music. Sometimes finding his inspirations in Brazilian country songs, others in rock ’n’ roll, waltz, psychedelia, blues, and many other genres, Zeca completes his canvas, which gives birth to his will for creative freedom, spontaneity and World Music.


Here, you can find the main albums that Zeca worked in as a musician, composer, singer, and/or producer.

Zeca Polina (2015) – composer, musician, producer

Lena (2014) – producer/musician

Paquiderme Escarlate – Scarlatus Pachydermata (2014) – composer/musician

Paquiderme Escarlate – O Incrível Espécime que se Alimenta de Harmonias (2012) – composer/musician

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